Language barriers in condos

How to Overcome Language Barriers in Condos

Communication is key when living in a condo community. Board members and residents must use effective communication. However, when communities are diverse, language barriers are a common occurrence. Language barriers include more than a person’s language of origin. Barriers span from unfamiliar and complex terminology to linguistics and physical barriers to state of mind. To…
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diverse and inclusive community

How to Cultivate an Inclusive and Cooperative Environment

Today community diversity is more relevant than ever. Organizations that encourage employee contribution create a cooperative and inclusive environment. By celebrating the varied backgrounds of your team, everyone feels valued. They want to contribute more. With diversity your board members flourish sharing their skills and ideas. As a result, your community reaps the benefits. You…
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special assessments

What Condo Boards Should Know About Special Assessments

Special assessments are a condo owner’s worst nightmare. The assessment presents an extra charge on top of monthly maintenance fees. Owners do not have approval over a special assessment. From an owner’s standpoint, an assessment is never a good thing. Most owners trust their monthly fees include a reserve fund to pay for unexpected projects…
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condo reserve fund

What You Need to Know About A Condo Reserve Fund

One of the most important aspects of a condo board’s responsibilities is managing financials. This can be a challenge if condo boards don’t have a financial expert on the team. However, all boards have a budget prepared each year, usually by a condo management company. Condo management experts provide invaluable input when it comes to…
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condo property management companies in Toronto

How condo property management companies can identify the need for urgent repairs during COVID-19.

With self-isolation rules in place, your condo complex is working at full occupancy. That means residents might start to scrutinize their units a little more closely. They also might be using their appliances more often. These new norms could lead to issues with higher demand for “urgent” fixes. So what does the urgent services request…
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property management companies in Toronto

COVID-19: How Boards and Property Management Companies in Toronto Can Protect the Most Vulnerable Residents

Condo maintenance became a lot more challenging with the arrival of COVID-19. The City of Toronto calls for heavier duty cleansers and cleaning schedules. In addition, property management companies in Toronto and beyond have the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable residents in their condos. Here is a list of the residents most at risk…
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Condo Property Management Virtual Meetings

How to Run Great Virtual Meetings as Condo Property Management

In April 2020, Ontario Regulation 107/20 was amended to accommodate changes during the Covid-19 pandemic. This affects condo property management and includes guidelines on virtual condo meetings and voting. To help you to adapt to this new approach, here are 10 tips to run effective virtual meetings if you’re a condo adjusting to the new…
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Register liens for unpaid CEFs

How to Register Liens for Unpaid Condo CEFs

Understand why registering liens is critical to the health of your condo corporation The Common Expenses Fee (CEFs) collected from condominium owners manage the costs of maintaining your condominium’s common elements. When owners fail to pay their CEFs, it can make a huge impact on the effective management of the property. Therefore, even during crisis…
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deferring CEFs

Potential Solutions for Condos Deferring CEFs

As a condo owner who’s been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, you might be looking to reduce your monthly expenses. In fact, with the shutdown of condominium amenities, many owners might feel they have a right when it comes to deferring Common Expense Fees (CEFs). Unfortunately, there aren’t any existing statutory provisions to guide condo…
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condo essential services

How to maintain essential services in a condo during COVID-19

The Ontario Government has issued an order for the closure of all non-essential workplaces during the COVID-19 crisis. Property management companies, boards of directors, and condo corporations that continue to operate and provide the essential services during these times need to clearly understand the specifics of the order. It’s important to ensure that you are…
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Electronic Means Bylaw for Condos

COVID-19: How to introduce an electronic means bylaw for condos

The current situation and the social distancing rules makes it difficult for condominium boards and corporations to remain effective. Many condos have introduced telecommunication practices. However, this can present challenges when it comes to Annual General Meetings (AGMs), reaching quorum and voting situations. As a result, many condos are introducing an electronic means bylaw to…
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collect CEFs

COVID-19: Why condo corporations must continue to collect CEFs

As the coronavirus crisis continues, your condo corporation could come toe to toe with owners who feel that their common expense fees (CEFs) should be lowered or deferred. In fact, since their amenities have been cut off, owners might feel they no longer have to pay their CEFs at all. Unfortunately, this is not an…
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effective condo management

Effective condo management during COVID-19 period

As Ontario remains in almost full shutdown mode, condo management services have been deemed an essential service by the provincial government. While this is good news for your tenants, it can pose some challenges for your team. Your role has not changed, yet it might be more difficult for you to perform some of your…
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COVID-19 in condos

Three COVID-19 facts all Property Managers need to know

As the City of Toronto extends its self-isolation initiatives, people living and working in condo communities are facing their own set of challenges. Property managers are required to ensure the safety of their tenants. But at the same time, they are also under the same self-isolation. And to complicate things even further, the essential versus…
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Coronavirus update

COVID-19 UPDATE: What Condo Managers and Boards Should Know About Coronavirus

Although the coronavirus seems to be spreading at a slower pace in Canada, it is important to remember it is still early days here. Therefore, condo managers and boards should have some policies in place to help reduce the spread. Condo residents might feel they are at higher risk due to living in closer quarters,…
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Airbnb rules

New Airbnb Rules for Toronto Condos

When the infamous video of a young woman throwing a chair off an Airbnb balcony emerged last year, many Torontonians were up in arms over the dangers these short-term tenants present to the city. More recently, a triple murder and shooting sent shockwaves through the Lakeshore and Bathurst area condo community. While crime and partying…
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condo board elections

What You Need to Know About Condo Board Elections

Condo board elections take a lot of thought and consideration to ensure the board of directors is productive and effective. Finding great candidates for the role of a board member can be challenging. A board member must have a balance of honesty, experience and a sense of selflessness. This ensures the board is managed fairly.…
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What do I need to know about Coronavirus today?

With the initial news that the deadly coronavirus was spreading in China, many Toronto residents couldn’t help but recall the SARS epidemic of 2003. However, after 438 probable and suspect SARS cases and 44 deaths in Canada from SARS, we have learned a lot about the spread of such viruses and are better equipped to…
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Condo board conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution Strategies for a Condo Board

Conflict between a Condo Board of Directors and residents is more common than you’d think. With so many players, it is inevitable that disagreements will arise on decisions made, issues with the condition of the building and even conflicts amongst neighbours. Trying to avoid conflict in the first place might be a good start, but…
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Reserve Fund Study for condos

Everything you need to know about reserve fund study. Whether you sit on a condo board of directors or own a condo, understanding the ins and outs of condo management can be a big benefit. One of the most important aspects of condo management is the reserve fund study. According to the Condominium Act, 1998…
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Self-managed condos vs. hiring property management

Should you hire a property management company or can you manage your condo as a corporation? Looking for ways to cut corners in condo management can help your condo corporation remain ahead of the game financially. However, being wise in where you choose to slash costs is very important if you don’t want to increase…
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How to choose a property management company for a condo?

What to look for when hiring a property management company in Toronto? In Ontario, condominiums must have a board of directors who have the responsibility to manage the condo corporation and represent the owners. They are responsible for making major decisions regarding the maintenance of buildings, grounds, and corporation’s finances and must actively support and…
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What does Board of Directors in a condo do?

The role and responsibilities of the Board in a condo corporation in the GTA  If you are considering joining a Board of Directors for a condo corporation in Toronto, there are many nuances to consider before making a commitment. First, understand the role of the board, what its’ members typically do, and their obligations.All condos…
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