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CPO Management Inc. is your professional full-suite property management company Toronto trusts for residential and commercial condominiums as well as shared facilities. With almost 20 years in the industry, we are recognized as an experienced, trusted, and loyal partner to our clients.

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Our Property Management Services

We offer a full line of comprehensive property management services Toronto needs including:

Condominium management services

When you hire CPO, you gain a personal advisor on all your condominium affairs for 24/7 peace of mind. Our aim is to help you make the right decision to keep your property in top shape while adhering to industry rules and regulations. Our mission is to foster a strong sense of community among your residents. With a full spectrum of services, you could say we’re the Board’s Right Hand.

Accounting and financial management

Having clarity and understanding of your corporation’s financial health is one of the most important responsibilities of the board. We offer simple accounting and financial management in a format that’s easily accessible to all stakeholders. We combine factual and timely financial reporting, with guidance and understanding for complete organization and transparency of your board’s financial position.

Administrative and day-to-day operations

With CPO onboard, you have an experienced team of condo management Toronto professionals on-site for seamless communication and boots on the ground service that is proactive and responsive. Our ongoing presence builds a meaningful relationship with your board, and an intimate understanding of tenant needs. As a result you receive timely response and forward thinking management designed to minimize operating expenses while maintaining smooth operation of the property.

Preventative maintenance

When it comes to condominium management, Toronto properties need CPO’s team of experts to implement effective maintenance programs based on proven preventative strategies. Using our background in engineering in hand with our mechanical and structural knowledge we identify problems, and propose sound solutions. Timely repairs are made and the cost of ongoing damage is avoided. Every element of the building is thoroughly inspected, improved cost-benefit planning is implemented and financial health is secured by avoiding special assessments.

Capital improvement and Project management

This is our forte and what separates us from the competition. Our skills combine engineering and technological expertise allowing us to expertly develop customized methods following proper technical assessments. We use conventional and unconventional technologies in construction to avoid spending millions on unnecessary traditional methods.

Whether you require capital improvement or project management, our specialized services are delivered based on your needs. We have successfully managed an impressive list of projects and restoration of concrete structure of buildings, garages, balconies, window replacement, mechanical, boiler installation, hardscape remediation and waterproofing working with contractors experienced in the application of leading edge European and North American technologies.

Shared facility management

At CPO we recognize the highly customized needs of shared facility management. We have an intimate understanding of the legalities, capital improvement, and customer service requirements unique to shared facilities. By finding common ground between each separate entity we effectively manage your central asset so everyone’s needs are met. Through unbiased coordination, we create a cohesive strategy addressing the maintenance, financial and legal aspects of management so nothing falls through the cracks.

Why Choose CPO As Your Property Management Company

When you hire CPO Management you gain:

extensive expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

We are experts in all aspects of condominium property management with a background in engineering and exceptional mechanical and structural knowledge. As a result we understand the importance of preventative strategies that allow us to proactively avoid problems. We offer sound solutions designed to greatly improve your standards of operation, saving you time and money across the board. We become valued team members invested in protecting your assets.

personalized approach

Tailored Management Approach

We are a condominium management company Toronto has depended on for almost 20 years. We have successfully managed a long list of the GTA's residential and commercial condominium properties in hand with unique building types. The result? We understand your pain points. Through our experience managing condominium corporations of all ages and sizes, we easily anticipate need allowing you to achieve optimized structural and financial health. Our suite of comprehensive services is designed to remain scalable and responsive so we easily tailor our services to your individual needs.

long term focused mindset

Forward-looking Mindset

We maximize your condominium’s value using proven planning techniques that are forward-looking. We examine the financial state of the corporation, review the reserve fund, consider by-laws, assess the current real estate market and the building demographic information before implementing an effective plan. Nothing is left untouched or unexamined when it comes to our long-term planning strategy.


Community Development

As one of the leading condo management companies Toronto properties hire, we believe in the communities at the heart of the condominium developments we manage. This begins with transparency in our relationships with boards and corporations, which in turn translates into supporting the entire community. By building a sense of togetherness we work with you to promote a nurturing environment where residents feel respected and that their needs are being met.

board partner

A Partner in Management

CPO Management Inc. builds long-term partnerships with residents, boards and staff providing professional, strategic, financially-sound, responsible and forward-looking value 24/7. We believe the role of condo property management companies Toronto partners with must ensure every stakeholder is respected and that every aspect of your asset is managed with transparency, honesty and the highest level of integrity. Our job is to implement methods that show measurable results clearly demonstrating we always put the best interests of the corporation and your residents first.

Let CPO Management provide a tailor made solution focused on creating a structurally and financially sound property that meets the needs of your corporation and residents.

Happy Clients Who Love Us

"CPO is a unique property management company, which measures its professional duties by the results only. I would bring forward their strong capital improvement project management skills, exceptional accounting, and financial management system. I would highly recommend this firm."

Yuri Baram

"Thank you to this condo management company. Our fees were not increased for several years, while all maintenance is done in time. Amazing job on garage renovation and keeping the building in a spotless "

Elina Derval

"I continue to be impressed by CPO - Toronto property management company. Every member of staff cares deeply about their job and the buildings and residents they work for. In my experience the whole CPO team takes pride in their work and constantly strive to improve their offering which is already top class!"

Dale G

As a Real Estate Agent, working with this company is an absolute pleasure.They work efficiently, are very quick to respond and are extremely accommodating. Staff is friendly and demonstrate a high level of professionalism. Big Thanks!

Inessa Povrani

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