Administrative and day-to-day operations


Proactive. Efficient. Thorough.

On-site presence of our management team keeps us fully informed on all property matters, ensures better quality of services to tenants and board of directors, enables immediate, proactive and quick response on any arising issues, and as a result minimizes operating expense to the corporation.


Personalized Approach

We strongly believe that every condo corporation is unique and deserves an personalized approach depending on its size, age, and conditions. Therefore we implement different management models: one manager, two managers, or a combination of a manager and an administrator, according to the requirements and needs of each corporation.

CPO’s responsibilities include:

Management of all operational and day-to-day activities

Management of all communications with property owners and the board of directors

Adhering to and enforcement of all regulations and bylaws under the Condominium Act of Ontario

Liaising and communicating with all corporation’s third party stakeholders including auditor, project leads, trade representatives, vendors, and other professionals.

Maintenance of all corporation’s core and non-core records electronically

Coordinating, conducting, and organizing all regular meetings, including AGM and special meetings

Preparation and circulation of regular newsletters for the residents

Supervision and coaching of staff

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