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Toronto is home to close to 3 million people. The cranes dotting the skyline is a testament to the ongoing growth of the population. People seeking a fulfilling life in a city known for its opportunities, diversity, and acceptance have found a home in Toronto. The city is a thriving metropolis where high rise living is becoming the norm. As housing prices skyrocket, condos continue to offer a reasonable way for first time buyers to meet their dream of home ownership. As well, Toronto’s housing shortage, especially for affordable rental units puts demand on condo buildings where long-term rentals continue to expand. With over 185,000 condo units, Toronto condo properties throughout the city face the challenge of maintaining unit value in a highly competitive market. Finding experienced property management Toronto condo boards and corporations can depend on calls for a team who understands the unique needs of the downtown core, its residents and infrastructure.

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Accounting and Financial Management for Toronto Condos

At CPO we understand the struggles condo boards face trying to maintain the financial health of their condominium corporation. It takes years of experience to understand the key responsibilities that ensure financial stability. Our role is to improve operational performance through expert accounting and financial management services including:

  • Our own CPO accounting and record keeping system
  • Invoice maintenance in a secure and confidential online office
  • Seamless integration between the online office and accounting system
  • Objective real-time views of expense/revenue statements and balance sheets
  • On demand records, reports and payment status
  • Electronic payment approval and digital signing
  • Automated utility bills
  • No cheques required

We’ve raised the bar for condominium financial management using advanced cloud-based, secure and easily accessible systems designed to position your condo corporation for success.


Toronto Condo Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance strategy requires a preventative approach to ensure financial stability and building health. We believe this is the cornerstone of building maintenance. Our background in engineering and knowledge of mechanical and structural aspects of the buildings provides a unique offering with a proactive management team. We believe in conducting thorough, ongoing inspections of all building components and systems ensuring nothing is missed. CPO avoids unexpected costly problems in the future by offering cost-effective solutions now. As a result you maintain both financial and building structural health. Our Toronto condominium maintenance solutions include:

  • Comprehensive energy savings programs
  • Ongoing inspection of all common elements, plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Regular evaluation and inspection of building security
  • Annual roof and balcony inspection
  • Routine maintenance
  • Hiring services such as pest removal, leak checks, trash removal, and others when required
  • Repairing and updating facilities as needed
  • Quarterly garage inspections
  • Coordinating all repairs to eliminate and minimize problem escalation
  • Vetting and approving all qualified and licensed contractors
  • Annual implementation of the energy savings projects

Our network of reliable, proven contractors, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians, ensures we secure the most cost-effective services in Toronto.

Administrative and Day-To-Day Operations

At CPO, our on-site presence ensures the highest level of service for you and your residents. We are there to offer immediate response and remain proactive in our Toronto property management approach, so we minimize your corporation’s operating expenses. Our managers and administrators become valued members of your team, meeting all the requirements of your day-to-day operations. We manage:

  • All operational and day-to-day activities
  • All communications with property owners and the board of directors
  • Enforcement of all regulations and bylaws under the Condominium Act of Ontario
  • Liaising and communicating with all corporation’s third party stakeholders
  • Electronic core and non-core records maintenance
  • Coordinating, conducting, and organizing all regular meetings, including AGM and special meetings
  • Preparation and circulation of regular newsletters for the residents
  • Supervision and coaching of staff

We become the eyes and ears of your community ensuring resident needs are met, your condo board remains responsive, and your property remains financially and structurally sound.

Increasing property value in condos

End-To-End Project Management

As experienced Toronto property managers our job is to lower your operation costs. We help you make smarter, more strategic decisions that create healthy reserve and operational funds, using short-term and long-term operational saving strategies. CPO has successfully implemented major retrofit projects for residential high-rise condominiums that have positively impacted condo values with strategic allotment of reserve funds including:

  • Roof and balcony retrofits
  • Underground garage concrete restoration
  • Paving initiatives
  • Elevators and compactors modernization
  • Common area renovations
  • Recreational amenities retrofit
  • Garage waterproofing
  • Window replacement

Our objective is to consider every aspect of your reserve fund studies and ensure your project management strategy aligns with a logical, proactive schedule. Our plan prolongs the life of major building components which in turn prolongs the effectiveness of your reserve fund.

Your Right-Hand Property Management Experts

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year as your right hand property management experts. We provide ongoing advice on all condominium affairs, so you make smart decisions that have long-term effects. Our team considers every detail of condominium rules and regulations and enforces them as required. We believe in community and are committed to nurturing relationships acting as a trusted liaison between your board and residents. However, we also never lose sight of your operational needs, acting as financial strategists with our finger on the pulse of your cash flow and reserve fund. We are on site to act in the best interest of your corporation, initiating preventative measures for proactive Toronto property management that ensures your success.


Our Differentiator

When you choose CPO Property Management in Toronto, you gain the services of an experienced team with over 10 years of experience of successful Toronto residential and commercial property management. Our background in engineering and knowledge of mechanical and structural aspects of the buildings is at the heart of our unparalleled expertise. As a result, we remain forward thinking identifying small issues that become big problems and resolving them using proven, cost-effective solutions. We consider the specifics of your building’s age, size, and residents in order to achieve optimum structural and financial health. Last but not least we are fully committed to the community using leading edge technology to remain responsive and nurture a sense of togetherness with a focus on inclusiveness and respect.

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