Accounting and financial management


Helping Condo Boards

Knowing and understanding the financial health of the condominium corporation is one of the key responsibilities of the board’s role in ensuring a successful future and stability of the corporation. It is our mission to help the board in this undertaking by providing clarity and order in such operational areas as invoice approvals, bill payments, accruals, record maintenance and verification, understanding financial variances and unusual fluctuations in expenses, and seeking explanation where required.

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Our approach to simplified accounting

Accounting and financial management within the condo corporation is not meant to be complicated when you have the skilled management team utilizing enhanced technology and tools. Our clients expect accurate and detailed financial information in a format that they can easily understand. While our reports are comprehensive and thorough, we believe in presenting this type of information in a way that adds value, easily digested, and readily-accessible. Which is why each of our clients has 24x7 access to real time reports on a connected cloud-based secure portal.

CPO Accounting & Record Keeping System

All invoices are maintained in a secure and confidential online office

Complete and seamless integration of the online office with the accounting system

Objective view of expense/revenue statements and balance sheets

All records and reports along with payment status are available on demand

Electronic payment approval

All notifications are emailed to the signing authorities

Automated receiving of the utility bills

No cheques required

Raising the bar for condominium management

Many multi-national firms have long implemented modern accounting practices that are cloud-based, secure and easily accessible. Yet condo management industry is lagging behind. By leveraging these cutting edge tools, we set a new standard for the property management companies. This key differentiator empowers our clients and positions their condo corporations for success.

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