Maintenance and preventative maintenance


Maintenance program in a condo building

When the budget and the operating cash flow does not sufficiently support the building’s needs, it is a clear indicator that the condo’s financial planning is a problem. However, this also signals a deeper-rooted problem in the maintenance strategy of the building. Our experts at CPO Management Inc. agree that the most effective maintenance program for a condominium and other types of buildings is the one that has the preventative strategy as its cornerstone.


Preventative Maintenance

Our background in engineering and knowledge of mechanical and structural aspects of the buildings is a unique value proposition to our clients, as it allows us to see problems long before they become problems, and propose a sound solution. That means that every element of the building is accounted for and goes through a regular inspection, from pump bearings to boiler igniters to fan coil unit components. Nothings gets left out when implementing preventative measures on a consistent basis.


Energy Savings Program

Utility expense is the largest controllable expense for the condo corporations. To save money and reduce energy consumption, we've implemented an energy savings program in every building that we manage. This alone is one of our biggest assets, enabling us to provide the level of service above and beyond the standard of operations in the field of property management.

Our Responsibilities

Ongoing inspection of the property’s all common elements, plumbing and HVAC systems

Regular evaluation and inspection of security measures of the building

Annual inspection of the roof and balconies

Performing routine maintenance and hiring, where required, for issues like pest removal, leak checks, trash removal, and others

Repairing and updating facilities on as needed basis

Quarterly inspection of the garage

Carrying out all repairs diligently and promptly to eliminate and minimize further problem escalation

Vetting and approving all qualified and licensed contractors by the client

Annual implementation of the energy savings projects

With access to a large network of reliable and trustworthy contractors, plumbers, carpenters and electricians, CPO Management is able to secure the most cost-effective services.

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