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Property Management in Scarborough

Scarborough is a city located east of Toronto with over 632,000 residents. Its southern tip is home to the lovely Scarborough Bluffs, with parks, beaches and trails. It is also home to the Toronto Zoo, and is one of the most diverse communities in the GTA. Housing ranges from a small smattering of original farm houses to older post WWII subdivisions as well as newer homes and condo complexes. The area still allows for development of housing, especially condo buildings spanning from low to high rise towers. It boasts many small neighbourhoods each with its own unique qualities. It also offers some of the GTAs most affordable rental homes. With the expansion of the Eglinton Crosstown, housing prices should rise along with demand. However, Scarborough condo properties require special management with aging building envelopes and a lack of modern amenities. The property management Scarborough Toronto condo corporations can depend on must understand the financial challenges specific to buildings with underfunded reserve funds facing expensive retrofits and replacements.

Scarborough Property Management

Hear From Our Clients

"CPO Management is our condo management company for a number of years, providing excellent service to our residents and the Board. Very dedicated, pro-active and always available when needed. CPO also provides resources and manage hands-on our condo projects providing expertise and best practices advise."

Radu Soreanu

Accounting and Financial Management for Scarborough Condos

At CPO we have the experience to provide financial advice for older buildings struggling to maintain the health of their dwindling reserve and operation funds. We understand how easy it is to under estimate the demands of older buildings, or fail to take proper measures in newer buildings to ensure a secure financial future. Our goal is to improve your operational performance with expert accounting and financial management services including:

  • Secure and confidential online invoice maintenance
  • Effortless online office and accounting system integration
  • Objective views of expense/revenue statements and balance sheets in real time
  • On demand reports and records
  • Electronic payment approval and automated utility bills
  • Convenient digital signing
  • No cheques required

Our own CPO accounting and record keeping system raises the bar for condominium financial management. Our advanced cloud-based, secure systems are easily accessible and designed to empower your team to achieve improved financial management.

accounting and financial management for condos in Scarborough

Scarborough Condo Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance

We believe there is only one maintenance strategy for condominium management: Prevention. Our unique approach ensures financial stability and building health. We use our background in engineering and knowledge of mechanical and structural aspects of the building to prioritize repair and maintenance projects. We take a proactive stance conducting thorough, ongoing inspections of all building components and systems. As a result nothing goes unnoticed, so you avoid unexpected costly problems in the future. Our method finds cost-effective solutions now, so you maintain both financial and building structural health in the future. Our Scarborough condominium maintenance solutions include:

  • Energy savings programs with annual energy savings projects
  • Continuous common element, plumbing and HVAC system inspection
  • Ongoing security evaluation and inspection
  • Roof and balcony inspections each year
  • Routine maintenance including hiring required services such as pest removal, leak checks, trash removal, etc.
  • Facility updates and repairs
  • Quarterly garage inspections
  • Eliminate and minimizing problem escalation through effective management
  • Vetting and approving all qualified and licensed contractors

Our vetted and approved network of qualified and licensed contractors, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians ensures you have the most cost-effective services in Scarborough.

Administrative and Day-To-Day Operations

One of our greatest strengths is our on-site presence. With managers and administrators working alongside your team, we can ensure you receive the highest level of service. We are there to offer immediate response to you and your residents. CPO is a proactive Toronto property management company focused on minimizing your corporation’s operating expenses. As valued members of your team, we meet all the requirements of your day-to-day operations managing the following:

  • All operational and day-to-day activities
  • Property owner and the board of directors communications
  • Enforcement of the Condominium Act of Ontario
  • Managing all third party stakeholders
  • Electronic maintenance of your core and non-core records
  • Arranging and conducting regular, AGM and special meetings
  • Newsletters for your residents
  • Staff coaching and supervision

As members of your team we are better able to meet the needs of your residents, so your corporation remains responsive while maintaining financial and structural health.

day to day operations of condo management in Scarborough

End-To-End Project Management

CPO is your experienced Scarborough property management team capable of lowering your operation costs. Our expertise allows you to make smarter, more strategic decisions creating healthier reserve and operational funds. We use short-term and long-term operational saving strategies. We have successfully implemented major residential high-rise condominium retrofit projects that have positively impacted condo values. Strategic allotment of reserve funds prioritizes your projects including:

  • Roof and balcony retrofits
  • Underground garage concrete restoration
  • Paving initiatives
  • Elevators and compactors modernization
  • Common area renovations
  • Recreational amenities retrofit
  • Garage waterproofing
  • Window replacement

We look at all aspects of your reserve fund studies and align your projects, so they follow a logical proactive schedule designed to prolong the life of major building components. As a result you improve the effectiveness of your reserve fund.

Your Right-Hand Property Management Experts

At CPO our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are your right hand property management experts providing ongoing advice that empowers you to make smart decisions with positive long-term effects. We enforce the details of condominium rules and regulations to protect you and your residents because we believe in community. We remain committed to nurturing relationships providing trusted liaisons between your board and residents. As financial strategists we remain focused on your operational needs, keeping our finger on the pulse of your cash flow and reserve fund. Our onsite presence allows us to act in the best interest of your corporation and residents. Because we initiate preventative measures, our proactive Scarborough property management ensures your success.

property management experts in Scarborough

Our Differentiator

When you choose CPO Property Management in Scarborough, you benefit from a team with over 10 years of successful Scarborough residential and commercial property management success. We offer a unique expertise with a background in engineering and knowledge of mechanical and structural aspects of the buildings we manage. This is at the heart of our unparalleled expertise allowing us to remain forward thinking. As a result we remain focused on identifying small issues we know can become big problems. Our proven, cost-effective solutions resolve these issues considering the specifics of your building’s age, size, and residents. We understand this is the best way to achieve optimum structural and financial health for your building. However, we never lose sight of the people in your community, using leading edge technology to remain responsive. Together we create a community focused on inclusiveness and respect.

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