Full-service property management

Our Mission

We believe that long-term partnerships with residents, boards and staff are the only way to a successful future. To accomplish this, we provide professional, strategic, financially-sound, responsible and forward-looking value 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our work is executed flawlessly with meticulous attention to detail, respectfully of every stakeholder, with the highest level of integrity and with measurable results. This is our purpose. And this is what determines our success.

When you hire CPO as your property management company, you get:

Advisor on all condominium’s affairs

Enforcer of condominium rules and regulations

Community manager

Financial strategist

Liaison between the board and residents

Trusted and knowledgeable representative acting in the best interests of the corporation at all times

Expert in preventative measures

But above all,  you gain a peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Unparalleled Expertise

As your condominium property management company, our role spans multiple areas of responsibilities. And we consider ourselves experts in each of these areas. Our background in engineering and knowledge of mechanical and structural aspects of the buildings is a unique value proposition to our clients, as it allows us to see problems long before they become problems, and propose a sound solution. This alone is one of the most valuable assets that enables us to provide the level of service above and beyond the standard of operations in the field of property management.

Tailored Management Approach

Our 10+ year track record of successfully managing GTA's residential and commercial condominium properties and other types of buildings has earned us a trusted name in the industry. Managing condominium corporations of all ages and sizes, has enabled us to get to know our clients’ biggest pain points, struggles, and headaches when it comes to maintaining an asset in pristine condition, both physically and financially. Each building is unique with its own unique requirements, which is why our suite of comprehensive services is tailed to individual needs.

Forward-Looking Mindset

Working closely with the Board of Directors, one of our core responsibilities is to maximize your condominium’s current value and plan effectively and efficiently for the future. To accomplish this goal, we examine the financial state of the corporation, review the reserve fund, consider by-laws, assess the current real estate market and the building demographic information. Nothing is left untouched or unexamined when it comes to long-term planning.


While we leverage cutting-edge and innovative business practices and latest tools to manage a property, we also believe in reviving what condo living is meant to be. It’s nurturing a community, establishing a sense of togetherness and promoting respect and decency amongst residents. We believe a property management company plays a significant role in accomplishing this goal.


Residential condominiums

Commercial condominiums

Privately owned residential and commercial buildings

Community and recreation centers

Office buildings and industrial properties

Co-ops and co-ownership buildings


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