The 3 Most Valuable Contributors To Successful Water Conservation In Your Condo

water conservation in condos

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Creating a water conservation plan can help reduce costs. However, it takes a village to contribute to effective water conservation. Here we look at the three most valuable contributors to water conservation to help you develop an effective plan.

1. Your Condo Board

As the saying goes, the buck stops here when it comes to implementing an effective water conservation plan. Your board should always look for conservation opportunities that continuously improve water usage. Some steps you can take include:

  • Water consumption evaluations: An evaluation of your water consumption tells you where you waste the most water. It can also show you trends such as increases due to lawn care in the summer. You can look for opportunities to reduce consumption with your findings.
  • Perform leak checks: Leak detection inspections use technology for quick leak identification at the earliest stage. Areas such as swimming pools, fountains, gym showers, etc. should be inspected regularly to keep on top of repairs.
  • Use leak detection technology: Leak detection technology for condo units provides reliable detection. Remote valve controls switch water off at the source when a faucet is left on, or a leak is detected.
  • Introduce conservation measures: Retrofitting steps such as aerators, low-flow alternatives in common areas, touchless faucets, dual-flush or low-flow devices on toilets, etc. all improve water conservation. If you have a common laundry room, high efficiency washing machines reduce water waste and energy use.

These initiatives lead the charge in water conservation making it easier to recruit others in your condo community.

2. Your Residents Play a Key Role in Water Conservation

Including residents in your efforts is key to success. Share water-saving tips such as:

  • Early leak reporting: A dripping faucet, running toilets, leaky showers, etc. all contribute to water waste. Make it easier for residents to report these issues and follow up with quick response for repairs.
  • Reduce running water: Ask residents to avoid running water unnecessarily. Share statistics to show them the potential results of using less running water:
    • Brushing teeth saves 36 litres per day
    • When shaving saves 45 litres per day
    • Washing dishes 36 litres per day
    • Shortening shower by five minutes 110 litres per day
    • Store water in fridge: Instead of running tap water to get it cold, residents can store water in the fridge.
    • Shorten showers: Shorter showers can help.

These tips help keep residents aware of water usage. You can also share valuable statistics about the environment, to keep people more invested in your efforts. Sharing the steps you’ve taken to do your part also shows there is a community effort. Build on that momentum and open a forum where people can share tips to increase that sense of community.

3. Enlist a Property Management Company

Property management companies can introduce initiatives to help reduce water waste including:

  • Improvements to your irrigation and landscaping systems such as smart controllers and moisture sensors
  • Replacing lawns with hardscaping
  • Improving lawn watering schedules
  • Budget development that includes anticipation of rising water bills
  • Creating a resident education program for water conservation
  • Running energy and water consumption evaluations
  • Devising and implementing water-saving strategies
  • Acquiring reduced prices on water conserving products and services through their contacts

Property managers initiate change by working with your board, while communicating with residents.

Working as a community makes a bigger impact on your condo’s water conservation efforts. Every efficiency gained is more money towards your reserve fund.

At CPO Management Inc, a Toronto property management company specializing in condo management services, we can help manage your water conservation efforts and implement water saving initiatives to find cost savings through efficiency. For more information about how we can assist with your property management, or for any other questions reach out to us today.

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