Rules & Regulations

Bill 27

Bill 27: How the New Disconnect Policy Can Impact Condo Board Responsiveness

If your condo board is like many, you created a hybrid work environment during the pandemic. However, the remote workforce had the Ontario government struggling with labour laws suited to this uncharted landscape. As a result, they passed Bill 27. Here’s what it is and how it can impact your board’s responsiveness. What is Bill…
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New Ontario Condo Guide

What Boards Need to know About the Condo Guide

As of January 1, 2021 condo developers must provide the new Condo Guide to purchasers of residential new or pre-construction condos. While the Condo Guide speaks to topics of interest for condo purchasers, it’s also important to condo boards. Here’s what your condo board should know about related Condo Act amendments and the Condo Guide…
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Managing smoking complaints in condos

10 Things Condo Boards Should Know about Smoking Complaints

Smoking complaints – they happen in every condo. The question of smoking in condos continues to fuel the flames of conflict for condo dwellers. As a result, condo boards should understand what they can do when complaints arise. Here are 10 things condo boards should know about smoking complaints. 1) Smoke Free Buildings to Curb…
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