Condo Authority of Ontario Updates

CAT dispute resolution system

Important Facts Every Condo Board Should Know About the Online Dispute Resolution System CAT

The moment your condo board encounters an owner dispute – you want a resolution pronto. Conflict and disagreements can lead to legal battles and more time and money spent. The Condo Authority of Ontario (CAO) provides support to condo owners and board members to help create happier, healthier condo communities. Not surprisingly, one of their…
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new CAO disputes policy

What Condo Boards Need to Know About the New CAO Disputes Policy

Great news for condo communities in the GTA. The new CAO disputes policy has made it easier to resolve disputes for condo communities across the province. An amendment to the Condo Act expands jurisdiction to the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) to resolve disputes quickly. Expansion to the list of disputes came into effect on…
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