Preventative Maintenance

condo project management

How Your Board Can Ace Project Management with These Condo Renovation Strategies

Condo renovations can become nightmares when condo boards fail to manage the project effectively. However, your board can ace project management with these condo renovation strategies. Plan Out the Critical Steps Building restoration and renovations follow several steps, each with an approximate timeline: Assessment to determine what the project involves (Up to a month) Initial…
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preventative maintenance

Why Your Condo Board Is Missing The Boat Without A Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance plans allow your condo board to shift from short-term repairs to long-term improvements. While you still conduct the work in small increments, you manage it in a smarter, more cost-effective way. Here’s why your condo board is missing the boat without a preventative maintenance plan. You Become Proactive, Not Reactive Preventative maintenance plans…
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