Preventative Maintenance

Damage That Will Make Your Condo Board Wish They Inspected More Often

Damage That Will Make Your Condo Board Wish They Inspected More Often – Part II

In this two-part series we look at critical exterior condo inspections that help avoid costly damage and replacements. In Part I we focused on energy inefficiency and water damage. Here we look at inspections that reveal issues that can interfere with a resident’s enjoyment of the property, as well as curb appeal, condo value, and…
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Exterior Damage That Will Make Your Condo Board Wish They Inspected More Often

Exterior Damage That Will Make Your Condo Board Wish They Inspected More Often – Part I

Discovering exterior and hidden damage in the early stages is a crucial step in effective preventative maintenance plans. In fact, once your board faces the costs of avoidable deeper damage, you’ll wish you had inspected more often. In this two-part series we look at the typical inspections you should perform at least annually to mitigate…
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Modern Condo Buildings

5 Eye-opening Ways to Modernize Tired Old Condo Buildings

Condo buildings start to lose appeal and value the moment they look tired and old. However, your condo board can modernize your building to revitalize curb appeal and create a more inviting, upscale lobby. Here are five eye-opening ways to modernize your condo building to maintain value, improve owner satisfaction, and boost energy efficiency. Update…
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condo life stages

Condo Life Stages: What Makes Buildings Vulnerable at Each Life Stage

Condo buildings go through five life stages, each with its own vulnerabilities. Here, we look at what makes condo buildings vulnerable at each stage of the aging process to help you create a more predictive maintenance plan.  Under a Year: The Pre-Natal Life Stage  Feeling confident your reserve fund won’t be needed during the pre-natal…
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hidden damage to condos

3 Hidden Condo Damages Every Board Should Know About

Your building envelope is susceptible to direct and indirect damage. Direct damage is obvious and occurs to the building envelope itself. Indirect damage is hidden and results when direct damage is not addressed. As a result, indirect damage ends up costing your condo money as it is slow and progressive. Here, we look at three…
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Building inspection

How Building Envelope Inspections Can Save Your Condo Board Money

Assessments play an essential role in preventive maintenance plans. You can take your assessments to the next level by including building envelope inspections to identify high-cost deficiencies. Here’s how building envelope inspections can save your condo board money. What Do Condo Building Envelope Inspections Involve? Building envelope inspections help find issues in your building envelope…
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condo project management

How Your Board Can Ace Project Management with These Condo Renovation Strategies

Condo renovations can become nightmares when condo boards fail to manage the project effectively. However, your board can ace project management with these condo renovation strategies. Plan Out the Critical Steps Building restoration and renovations follow several steps, each with an approximate timeline: Assessment to determine what the project involves (Up to a month) Initial…
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preventative maintenance

Why Your Condo Board Is Missing The Boat Without A Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance plans allow your condo board to shift from short-term repairs to long-term improvements. While you still conduct the work in small increments, you manage it in a smarter, more cost-effective way. Here’s why your condo board is missing the boat without a preventative maintenance plan. You Become Proactive, Not Reactive Preventative maintenance plans…
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