Damage That Will Make Your Condo Board Wish They Inspected More Often – Part II

Damage That Will Make Your Condo Board Wish They Inspected More Often

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In this two-part series we look at critical exterior condo inspections that help avoid costly damage and replacements. In Part I we focused on energy inefficiency and water damage. Here we look at inspections that reveal issues that can interfere with a resident’s enjoyment of the property, as well as curb appeal, condo value, and safety.  

Balconies & Decks

Damage to balconies and decks poses a safety issue to residents, as well as pedestrians below. These regular inspections can identify common issues, including:

  • Deterioration of the balcony or deck surface condition/appearance 
  • Safety and security of the railings and supports
  • Signs of poor drainage such as water pooling, wood rot, etc.  
  • Failing connections between the deck/balcony and the building or other structures
  • Damaged glass balustrades
  • Rusting and corroded metal balustrades


Fences are essential for privacy, security, and maintaining condo curb appeal. Critical components to inspect include:

  • Anchoring of the fence posts such as leaning or damage to footings
  • Signs of rot, cracks, pest damage, insect infestation
  • Missing or broken fence boards
  • Metal corrosion for iron or aluminum fences 
  • Damaged gate hardware such as broken or corroded locks, malfunctioning hinges that impede opening and closing, etc. 
  • Damaged privacy lattice

Landscaping & Drainage

Landscaping and drainage go hand in hand. While landscaping is a curb appeal essential, drainage is critical to avoid serious foundation issues as well as damage to your paved surfaces. Your landscaping team can conduct ongoing inspections to ensure the property is properly graded and pay close attention to areas that are constantly wet, puddling and pooling. However, bi-annual inspections to identify the following issues will ensure drainage is managed effectively:

  • Damaged, sloping, or collapsing retaining walls 
  • Signs of erosion and water damage
  • Observing water flow to ensure it is traveling away from the building
  • Pooling on both hard and soft scaped areas of the property 
  • Signs of plant disease and rot
  • Damage related to vegetation overgrowth or overcrowding
  • Potential damage to irrigations systems
  • Issues with community gardens

Paved Surfaces

Pavement deterioration not only impacts curb appeal, but also poses a threat for personal injury and vehicle damage. As a result, deterioration can increase the risk of liabilities while contributing to decreasing property value. Signs of deterioration include:

  • Cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces in the parking lot
  • Obvious tripping hazards such as lifting sidewalk edges, crumbling paths, etc.  
  • Water pooling
  • Damaged drainage systems leading from pedestrian paths 
  • Crumbling concrete steps
  • Loose handrails on steps
  • Rust on paved surfaces

Common Areas

Damage to exterior common areas has a significant impact on condo values, interferes with resident satisfaction and poses safety issues. Annual or bi-annual inspections will identify the following:

  • Noticeable wear and tear of surface materials such as decks, concrete, pools, etc.
  • Broken items such as barbecues
  • Damage, rot or organic growth on structures such as gazebos, pergolas, bult-in seating, etc. 
  • Leaking fountains, irrigation systems, pools, etc. 
  • Uneven interlocking brick features such as paths, retaining walls, outdoor cooking counters, etc. 
  • Damaged paths, entries, stairwells, etc. 
  • Malfunctioning exterior lighting 
  • Damage to electrical features such as outdoor mood lighting, fountains, music systems, etc. 

Although the items listed in Part II of our series are often overlooked in the inspection process, damage can lead to high-ticket restoration and replacement projects. They are also highly visible areas impacting curb appeal, resident satisfaction/safety, and ultimately, property values.  

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