Fraud and crime in condo corporations

Spotlight: Fraud & Crime in Condos (CPO Management Inc. Featured in ACMO’s Condominium Manager Magazine

Check out our latest feature in the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) Condominium Manager magazine – Fraud & Crime issue. We discuss the importance of tendering and technical assessments for ethical capital improvements. Property managers play a key role in not just assisting, but also educating board members on capital improvement best practices.…
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Green trends in condos in Toronto

Green Living: The Best Green Trends for Condos in 2021

Is your condo green? Want to jump on the bandwagon of green living? Many condo boards are pressured by residents to come up with green initiatives. However, some property management or board teams aren’t up on the green latest trends. And some are worried about the cost implications of new ideas. Fear not, as these…
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diverse and inclusive community

How to Cultivate an Inclusive and Cooperative Environment

Today community diversity is more relevant than ever. Organizations that encourage employee contribution create a cooperative and inclusive environment. By celebrating the varied backgrounds of your team, everyone feels valued. They want to contribute more. With diversity your board members flourish sharing their skills and ideas. As a result, your community reaps the benefits. You…
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condo property management companies in Toronto

How condo property management companies can identify the need for urgent repairs during COVID-19.

With self-isolation rules in place, your condo complex is working at full occupancy. That means residents might start to scrutinize their units a little more closely. They also might be using their appliances more often. These new norms could lead to issues with higher demand for “urgent” fixes. So what does the urgent services request…
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condo essential services

How to maintain essential services in a condo during COVID-19

The Ontario Government has issued an order for the closure of all non-essential workplaces during the COVID-19 crisis. Property management companies, boards of directors, and condo corporations that continue to operate and provide the essential services during these times need to clearly understand the specifics of the order. It’s important to ensure that you are…
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condo board elections

What You Need to Know About Condo Board Elections

Condo board elections take a lot of thought and consideration to ensure the board of directors is productive and effective. Finding great candidates for the role of a board member can be challenging. A board member must have a balance of honesty, experience and a sense of selflessness. This ensures the board is managed fairly.…
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