Holidays in a Condo

inclusive holiday decorations

Inclusive Condos: How to Keep Holiday Decorations Inclusive Yet Festive

Time for holiday decorations in your condo? In a country rich with different cultures and traditions, show awareness, respect, and understanding by making your holiday decorations inclusive of all residents. Diverse condo communities offer opportunities to learn more about different cultural traditions. Condo boards wishing to reflect the festive spirit of the holiday season must…
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condo board addressing holiday issues

Condo Board Affairs: How to Avoid Unexpected Holiday Issues

The holidays can present unexpected issues difficult for a condo board to resolve. However, with a little planning and these tips, you can ensure these issues are avoided. Distributing Holiday Bonuses to a Condo Board Scenario It’s the season of giving and your condo board decides to hand out bonuses. However, residents aren’t happy their…
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Holiday decoration rules for condo residents

Condo Holiday Decoration Rules for the Residents

And just like that, Halloween decor is out. Winter holiday decoration is in. But interestingly, many condo residents don’t know their board of directors has the right to limit holiday decoration. Because of this, condo boards should help residents understand what they can and can’t do. Without putting a damper on celebrations, clear communication helps…
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