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2023 condo roundup

The Top Lessons Condo Boards Learned in 2023

Every year your condo community and its management learn from mistakes and triumphs that help inform your decisions in the new year. Here we look at the top lessons condo boards learned in 2023 to provide valuable insights that make your board wiser and stronger. Forensics Help Avoid Future Mistakes Forensics has become a popular…
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innovations for condos

4 Business Innovations for Condos

Every year technology introduces new ways to improve business operations. These improvements don’t always have to be industry specific to be effective. Here we look at four innovations used in other industries that offer potential benefits for your condo board. Check out these innovations for condos worth exploring. 1. Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Imaging…
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New construction act

Understanding How The New Construction Act Affects Your Condo Board

If you condo board was overwhelmed with the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, you might have missed out on the new Construction Act that came into play in the fall of 2019. Here we offer a refresher course to help you understand how the new lien and holdback rules could affect you. What is…
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