Condo Communication

condo unit requests

Top Condo Board Tips to Fairly and Effectively Manage Maintenance Requests and Repairs

Your condo board is constantly receiving maintenance and repair requests from condo owners. If you need help prioritizing requests, use our pro property management tips to help ensure you are fair, cost-effective, and responsive. Prioritize Amongst Unit Requests A common mistake condo boards make is not prioritizing work based on urgency. Prioritization always puts safety…
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Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Condo Owners

As a condo board member, you are responsible for ensuring all owners are treated equally and fairly while adhering to your condo bylaws and the Condo Act. However, owners aren’t always easy to get along with, which means you could encounter unpleasant interactions. Here we share practical strategies for dealing with difficult condo owners. Improve…
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Condo Communication Strategy

What’s a Condo Communication Strategy, and Should You Have One?

A condo communication strategy creates trust between the board, residents, and property management. It ensures transparency for all condo board decisions while creating a two-way, ongoing communication stream. Here’s why your condo community needs a condo communication strategy. What is a Condo Communication Strategy? A condo communication strategy sets goals and objectives for board communication.…
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condo efficiencies

How To Improve Condo Efficiencies And Community With Data Driven Decisions

Data-based decisions use factual input to improve both condo efficiencies and the community. Here’s how your board can adopt data driven decisions. More Resident Input Collecting resident input can improve the way you engage the community. When you understand their point of view, decisions reflect the greater desires of the community as opposed to the…
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poor etiquette in condo boards

Poor Etiquette in Condo Boards: How this could be your Downfall

Today’s diverse communities require hypersensitivity for proper etiquette. In fact, a lack of etiquette or poor etiquette in condo boards could mean the downfall of your board. Here we discuss the role of etiquette in condo governance and how proper communication helps avoid poor etiquette. Proper Board Etiquette Focuses on Governance & Diplomacy Many people…
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poor communication with condo boards

Breaking Down Costs Of Poor Communication For Condo Boards

The efforts to maintain effective communication between condo boards and owners can take up a lot of time. However, when looking at the potential costs and consequences of poor communication, it is easy to see the importance of effective communication. Here we break down the costs condominium corporations face due to poor condo board communication.…
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condo concierge

Elevate Your Condo Concierge Service & Improve Resident Relations

A condo concierge service provider has a difficult job. While most serve as a monitor for the comings and goings of the building, the lines of their role are easily blurred. As a result, some concierges see themselves as authority figures, yet others feel more like receptionists. This can put a strain on concierge and…
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condo communication

How to Ace Condo Communication with Social Media

When condo boards strike the right notes in their communication it can really help build a happier, more engaged community. While many condo boards stick to traditional newsletters as a means of condo communication with residents and unit owners, others are adding social media with mixed results. Social media is an excellent tool to keep…
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