Condo Safety

water damage in condos

How To Mitigate Risk For Condo Water Damage

Water leaks originating from an owner’s unit can be catastrophic. Leaks can affect multiple units, as well as common areas. Although condo management provides plumbing maintenance and repairs, unit owners share the responsibility to mitigate risk in their own units. Here we look at how collaboration between owners and management can help mitigate risk for…
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keeping an eye on condo crime

Condo Crime: Why Condo Boards Need to Keep Their Eyes on Local Crime

Although condo crime  – as in apartment break-ins  – is 60% less common than townhouse complexes, condo common areas are easy targets. Thieves can access vehicles, lockers, bikes, and more all under one roof. Therefore, board members should keep their eyes on local crime to understand how to keep the building secure. What Types of…
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