Condo Policies

condo amenity management

4 Frequently Overlooked Details When Managing Shared Amenities In Condos

Effective management of shared amenities can often focus too much on cleaning and maintenance. Here we look at four frequently overlooked details when managing shared condo amenities. 1.Visitor Parking Visitor parking is often difficult to monitor due to the location. However, a comprehensive management plan helps ensure use aligns with your condo parking bylaws. Visitor…
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enforcing condo rules

Understanding the Role of the Condo Board in Enforcing Rules and Bylaws

Condo boards ensure all residents and board members comply with the Condo Act and the condo’s governing documents. But what happens when residents break the rules? Here we look at the role of the condo board in enforcing condo rules and bylaws. What is the Difference Between Rules and Bylaws? Condo rules “promote the safety…
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insurance for condominium corporations

The Importance of Insurance for Condominium Corporations

According to the Ontario Condo Act, condo corporations “shall cover the replacement cost of the property damaged by the perils to which the insurance applies. 1998, c. 19, s. 99 (7).” Here we look at condo corporation insurance, its’ importance, and how to keep your coverage up to par. Protect Your Condo Corporation’s Assets Condo…
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condo insurance

10 Ways Your Condo Board Can Beat the Odds and Get Enough Insurance

The condominium corporation insurance market is experiencing a watershed moment as more insurers remove condo insurance from their offering. Those that still offer condo corporation insurance are either increasing their premiums and deductibles or making it impossible to obtain insurance altogether. Here we share 10 ways your board can beat the odds and get enough…
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when and how to introduce new policies for your condo

How, why, and when is the right time for Condo Boards to implement new policies?

Your condo corporation’s policies ensure your board meets your obligations. However, because the Condo Act does not refer to policies per se, new policies might cross the line between a policy and rule. A policy is board directed, while rules require resident input and votes. Here we look at condo board policies and how, why,…
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