Board of Directors

New Ontario Condo Guide

What Boards Need to know About the Condo Guide

As of January 1, 2021 condo developers must provide the new Condo Guide to purchasers of residential new or pre-construction condos. While the Condo Guide speaks to topics of interest for condo purchasers, it’s also important to condo boards. Here’s what your condo board should know about related Condo Act amendments and the Condo Guide…
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poor communication with condo boards

Breaking Down Costs Of Poor Communication For Condo Boards

The efforts to maintain effective communication between condo boards and owners can take up a lot of time. However, when looking at the potential costs and consequences of poor communication, it is easy to see the importance of effective communication. Here we break down the costs condominium corporations face due to poor condo board communication.…
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condo insurance

Condo Insurance: Why Now Is The Time Boards to Plan For Insurance Challenges

As more buildings in the GTA age, the risk for major issues such as water damage rises. Here we explore the world of condo insurance and why now is the time your condo board should plan for insurance challenges. Insurable Losses and Your Reserve Fund Your reserve fund pays for “foreseeable” major repairs and replacements…
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value for money audit in the GTA

A Condo Board’s Guide To The Value For Money Audit

The Value for Money Audit was conducted by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. The survey was designed to spot shortcomings regarding the implementation of the reforms made to the Condo Act. It also looked at the role of both the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) and Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO).…
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Top 5 condo lawsuits

Top Five Condo Lawsuits and How to Avoid Them

Condo owner disputes happen. And it can happen in any condo. Though when not properly handled, they can lead to costly, time-consuming condo lawsuits. However, if you are familiar with the top five lawsuits condo boards and Toronto and the GTA property management companies face, you can take steps to avoid them. 1. Failure to…
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New short-term rental laws

What Condo Boards Should Know About New Short-Term Rental Laws

Most condo boards followed the ongoing struggle between “ghost hotels” operating through services such as Airbnb and housing advocates dead set against them. Following a battle that began in 2016, the advocates finally won out. On September 3, 2020, new laws cracking down on Toronto short-term rentals came into effect. New regulations now restrict short-term…
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pet bylaws

How Condo Boards Can Successfully Introduce New Pet Bylaws

As pet owners, we love our pets. As a result, introducing new pet bylaws to pet owners can be tricky for condo boards. However, with a clear understanding of Section 58 of the Condominium Act, you can successfully pass new pet bylaws with little opposition. The Condo Act and Pet Bylaws Your biggest challenge for…
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Holiday decoration rules for condo residents

Condo Holiday Decoration Rules for the Residents

And just like that, Halloween decor is out. Winter holiday decoration is in. But interestingly, many condo residents don’t know their board of directors has the right to limit holiday decoration. Because of this, condo boards should help residents understand what they can and can’t do. Without putting a damper on celebrations, clear communication helps…
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How to Manage Condo Owner-Requisitioned Meetings

Owner-requisitioned meetings are called by the owners of the condo corporation. They can catch your board unawares, as they often involve “touchy” topics. If your board receives a meeting requisition, it’s important to respond on time. Here’s how to effectively manage owner-requisitioned meetings. Why are Owner-requisitioned Meetings Called? The most common reasons owners call a…
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condo boards burnout

Condo Boards Burnout: Strategies to Avoid It

Condo boards are often the unsung heroes of the condo community. They step up to bat to help ensure the needs of the community are met. However, they sacrifice their own time in the process. While the early days of condo boards participation can be quite exciting, as time goes on the demands can wear…
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