Board of Directors

I Quit! How to Gain Control of Condo Board Member Churn

I Quit! How to Gain Control of Condo Board Member Churn

Ongoing board member resignations can cause operational disruptions, interfering with your board’s efficiency and effectiveness. However, you can use the following strategies to help avoid resignations and gain control of condo board member churn.  Focus on Resignation Prevention Resignation prevention focuses on simple strategies that help ensure board member satisfaction and success, including:  Formalize your…
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How to Prepare Your Condo Board for Toronto's 2040 Net Zero Deadline

How to Prepare Your Condo Board for Toronto’s 2040 Net Zero Deadline

Toronto’s 2040 Net Zero deadline calls for retrofit strategies that go beyond traditional cost- benefit calculations. Here we look at how to prepare for the deadline by making smarter retrofit choices that help set the groundwork for sustainability. Consider Larger Retrofits Your board needs to focus on larger scale retrofits. Before undertaking any one project,…
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Condo Building Permit

Every Condo Board’s Guide to Ontario’s Complicated Building Permit Process

Your condo board has a tough enough learning curve without trying to understand the complicated building permit process. To help make things easier, we’ve broken down the most critical building restoration administrative steps so you can cruise through the process from application to approval.  Identify Your Zoning Your condo’s building zoning is crucial as it…
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Condo Board Process

Does Your Condo Board Know About Following Proper Tendering Process?

Finding the right contractor for your condo corporation’s renovation projects is not an easy task. In fact, your condo board must remain compliant and follow a specific condo tendering process. Here, we look at the most critical steps to ensure you know how to follow the proper procedure.  Review Your Condo Corporation’s Tendering Process  Your…
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Condo Building Restoration

Building Restoration: Does Your Condo Board Know Who Does What?

When your condo board is about to embark on a building restoration project, you want to have the right experts on the job. Do you need an architect, an engineer, a building envelope contractor, or all three? Here, we look at the key players in building restoration to ensure you have access to the most…
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building restoration myths for condo boards

Debunking Common Exterior Building Restoration Myths for New Condo Board Members

Congratulations on your new position as a condo board member! While you might be excited about your new role, it comes with a lot of responsibility, including assisting with condo renovation responsibilities like exterior building restoration projects. Here we help debunk common exterior building restoration myths to help you ace your first capital expense project…
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innovations for condos

4 Business Innovations for Condos

Every year technology introduces new ways to improve business operations. These improvements don’t always have to be industry specific to be effective. Here we look at four innovations used in other industries that offer potential benefits for your condo board. Check out these innovations for condos worth exploring. 1. Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Imaging…
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Special Assessment vs. Condo Corporation Loans

Special Assessment vs. Condo Corporation Loans: Which is Really Best for Your Condo Board?

When your condo board requires immediate funds to cover an unexpected expense, you have two choices: 1) A special assessment or 2) A loan. Here we compare loans to special assessments to help you make the right decision for your condo community. Condo Corporation Loans Condo corporation loans are granted based on a “covenant” to…
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suite metering

Is condo suite metering right for your condo board?

Suite or sub-metering provides residents with their own electricity measurement. As a result, they pay only for the energy they consume. Sub-metering can also help boards gain more control over energy use in common areas. If your building was built prior to 2010, you should consider the possibility of introducing suite metering. How Suite Metering…
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condo board effectiveness

How To Improve Condo Board/Management Relationships For Effectiveness

How you interact with your property management company impacts your relationship. Here we offer tips on how to improve condo board/management relationships to ensure you both remain effective. Understanding the Property Management Role When you define roles from the start, you help avoid conflict. In simple terms, the board is the governing body while property…
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