cost proportions for condo corporations

Every Condo Board’s Guide to the Cost Proportions for their Corporation

Let’s talk cost proportions for your condo corporation’s expenses. The monthly common element fees (CEF) your condo board collects come with an obligation to your unit owners. Your job is to ensure you allot those funds properly to cover expenses and manage your reserve fund effectively. Here we offer a comprehensive guide to help you…
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Condo Boards! Focus on these 3 Things to Create a Healthy Condo Budget for Your Corporation

Here we offer tips to help your condo board create an effective condo budget by focusing on 1) income, 2) expenses, and 3) your reserve fund. 1.Income Condo common element fees (CEF) are the source of revenue funding your budget. Follow these best practices to manage your income effectively: Introduce a CEF process Introduce a…
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condo corporation finances

Understanding Your 4 Most Important Condo Corporation Financial Statements

When your condo board receives your corporation’s financial statements, it helps to understand what reports provide the best insights into your financial health. Here are tips to understand the four most important condo corporation financial statements to help you manage assets, gain financial control, and become a more effective planner. 1.Aged Delinquency Report Keeping on…
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outsource accounting to property managers

Top gains condo boards have when they outsource accounting function to a property manager

Condo boards face ongoing challenges as volunteers. No doubt you are fully committed to your role and responsibilities. However, if you lack experience, providing high level service is difficult. As a result, it can interfere with effective financial management that can lead to ongoing challenges. Here we list the top gains condo boards have when…
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