COVID impact on condos

COVID Impact on Condos: 5 Unexpected Ways it Interfered with Board’s Plans

COVID impact on condos has been felt throughout the GTA and beyond. Many condo boards could find the operational adjustments made for COVID could contribute to financial issues for their condo. Here we outline five unexpected ways COVID impacts your condo board’s plans. 1. Lagging Maintenance Schedules No one can blame you if your maintenance…
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post-pandemic workforce

Best Strategies For Condos Post-Pandemic Workforce Transition

In our blog How to Be Prepared for the Post COVID Workplace, we explained how to create the ideal hybrid workplace model. Now, here are our top strategies for condo corporations for successful workforce transition post-pandemic. Understand the Need to Acclimatize Post-Pandemic We all faced instant change when lockdown measures were announced. As a result,…
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Condo reopening amenities in Toronto

How To Avoid Mistakes When Reopening Condo Amenities

While the entire city of Toronto lets out a collective sigh of relief as restrictions ease, your condo board might find itself ill-prepared for the grand reopening condo amenities. Here we offer tips to help avoid mistakes as you prepare for the reopening. Keep Tabs On Progress Because the government is being extra cautious this…
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post COVID workforce

How To Be Prepared for The Post COVID Workforce

Wondering what your condo workforce will look like post COVID? Here we offer tips for creating a hybrid model for a productive, happy workplace in the post-pandemic world. The Hybrid Model Although different expectations from your management, staff, and residents can make the transition more difficult, it also presents a unique opportunity to create a…
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Stage 3 reopening during COVID-19

What Condo Boards Need to Know About Stage 3 Reopening Now

Now that Ontario has entered Stage 3 reopening, it will be interesting to see how well we all manage. It has been hard for businesses and individuals to adjust to the changes the pandemic forced upon us. However, the change we did, and it seemed to work. Although it took much longer than expected, COVID-19…
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property management companies in Toronto

COVID-19: How Boards and Property Management Companies in Toronto Can Protect the Most Vulnerable Residents

Condo maintenance became a lot more challenging with the arrival of COVID-19. The City of Toronto calls for heavier duty cleansers and cleaning schedules. In addition, property management companies in Toronto and beyond have the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable residents in their condos. Here is a list of the residents most at risk…
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Condo Property Management Virtual Meetings

How to Run Great Virtual Meetings as Condo Property Management

In April 2020, Ontario Regulation 107/20 was amended to accommodate changes during the Covid-19 pandemic. This affects condo property management and includes guidelines on virtual condo meetings and voting. To help you to adapt to this new approach, here are 10 tips to run effective virtual meetings if you’re a condo adjusting to the new…
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deferring CEFs

Potential Solutions for Condos Deferring CEFs

As a condo owner who’s been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, you might be looking to reduce your monthly expenses. In fact, with the shutdown of condominium amenities, many owners might feel they have a right when it comes to deferring Common Expense Fees (CEFs). Unfortunately, there aren’t any existing statutory provisions to guide condo…
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Electronic Means Bylaw for Condos

COVID-19: How to introduce an electronic means bylaw for condos

The current situation and the social distancing rules makes it difficult for condominium boards and corporations to remain effective. Many condos have introduced telecommunication practices. However, this can present challenges when it comes to Annual General Meetings (AGMs), reaching quorum and voting situations. As a result, many condos are introducing an electronic means bylaw to…
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collect CEFs

COVID-19: Why condo corporations must continue to collect CEFs

As the coronavirus crisis continues, your condo corporation could come toe to toe with owners who feel that their common expense fees (CEFs) should be lowered or deferred. In fact, since their amenities have been cut off, owners might feel they no longer have to pay their CEFs at all. Unfortunately, this is not an…
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