Common Expenses Fees

cost allotment for condos

Every Condo Board’s Guide to the Proportions of Costs for their Condo Corporation

The monthly common element fees (CEF) your condo board collects come with an obligation to your unit owners. Your job is to ensure you allot those funds properly to cover expenses and manage your reserve fund effectively. Here we offer a comprehensive guide to help you understand the average proportion of cost allotments for a…
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lower maintenance fees

Ways an Experienced Property Management Company Can Lower Condo Maintenance Fees for Its Owners

Monthly maintenance fees can indirectly effect condo property values. High fees can often discourage buyers, which decreases demand for units in your building. However, there are ways you can lower condo maintenance fees by working with an experienced property management company. Here’s how they can help. Improving Energy Efficiency Property managers conduct energy audits to…
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reduce maintenance fees

6 Ways to Reduce Condo Maintenance Fees With an Experienced Management Company

Raising your condo maintenance fees is one of the toughest calls your condo board makes. If you are not working with a property management company, you lack the valuable insight that can actually reduce condo fees. Here are six cost saving opportunities you are missing without the guidance of an experienced property management company. Opportunity…
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Register liens for unpaid CEFs

How to Register Liens for Unpaid Condo CEFs

Understand why registering liens is critical to the health of your condo corporation The Common Expenses Fee (CEFs) collected from condominium owners manage the costs of maintaining your condominium’s common elements. When owners fail to pay their CEFs, it can make a huge impact on the effective management of the property. Therefore, even during crisis…
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