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mental health

What the Mental Health Index Tells Condo Boards About Work-Related Mental Health Issues

The psychological health of your board members and property management team plays an important role in your effectiveness. According to the January 2022 Mental Health Index (MHI), Canadian mental health is at its most distressed level since October 2020. Here we look at what the MHI is telling your condo board about work-related mental health…
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15-minute city principle

How Embracing 15-minute City Principles Helps Create a Sustainable, Happier, Healthier Condo Community

The 15-minute city is an organizing principle for urban development. City neighbourhoods become self-sustaining using the principles. As a result, locals work, shop, learn and play within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from home. In fact, Ottawa approved a 25-year urban intensification plan in December 2019. The plan is designed to turn the city…
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condo committees

How Condo Committees Increase Your Board’s Productivity

When condo boards become overtaxed, it makes it difficult to remain productive. As a result, many important tasks can fall by the wayside. Budget management, social planning, and fee collection are areas where boards can fall behind. Luckily, condo boards have an excellent resource available in their fellow residents. Creating condo committees to assist with…
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