Condo Issues

when and how to introduce new policies for your condo

How, why, and when is the right time for Condo Boards to implement new policies?

Your condo corporation’s policies ensure your board meets your obligations. However, because the Condo Act does not refer to policies per se, new policies might cross the line between a policy and rule. A policy is board directed, while rules require resident input and votes. Here we look at condo board policies and how, why,…
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reduce noise in condos

How Renovation Agreement Reviews Can Help Reduce Noise Issues for Your Condo Board

Having noise issues in your condo? Suspended ceilings in residential buildings help absorb sounds and reduce vibrations. Unfortunately, Toronto condos usually have an eight-inch concrete slab instead. This creates a noise nightmare in many buildings. With the days of wall to wall broadloom long behind us, every little sound can travel further, and become louder,…
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