Irrigation in Condos: 5 Ways Water Smart Irrigation Assessments Saves Money

water irrigation system in condos

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Inefficiencies in water irrigation systems in condos can lead to costly water waste. Therefore your board needs to ensure proper management and maintenance of your system. One of the easiest ways to do so is to schedule a Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) Assessment. Here are five ways a WSIP assessment can help reduce water consumption costs.

1. Improved Zone Run Times for Irrigation in Condos

Water Smart Irrigation Assessments are performed by Water Smart Irrigation Professionals (WSIP) certified by Landscape Ontario. Their job is to find efficiencies in irrigation systems in condos through assessments and proper maintenance. They use software designed to assess irrigation systems quickly allowing them to find proper zone run times. For example, in Peel overwatering of zones was an issue in 90% of all assessments conducted in the region. Your system’s zones should be set to meet the watering requirements for the plants in each area. A properly installed irrigation system in condos considers the proper use of nozzles in each zone, spacing, and even the right water pressure.

2. Assessing Key Contributors for Water Waste

A WSIP assessment addresses the main contributors to water waste by determining:

  • Water usage
  • Water required
  • Existing leaks

Your WSIP then recommends ways to improve efficiencies with proper hardware and controls.

3. Efficient Flow Data

Following your assessment central controller installation tracks real-time flow data and weather information. The controllers consider weather patterns and adjust your watering schedules to ensure proper watering and improve the irrigation system in your condo.

4. Identifying Leaks

In hand with flow data assessments, the controllers also identify leaks within your system and stem water flow to these areas. The data collected goes to either your property manager or irrigation contractor, who quickly resolves issues, reducing costs of water waste.

5. Water Savings Opportunity

Peel Region also saw a significant reduction in water savings of 59% per site through updated scheduling and use of central controllers. In fact, the use of the controller alone contributed to a savings of about 30%. One case study showed that following the installation of a new central controller, schedule updates, leak repairs, and zone hardware upgrades they saw a reduction in annual water consumption from 3,903 m3 in 2015 to 1,111 m3 by 2017. This translated into a 72% water savings. More importantly, it now saves the property as much as $6,450 per year.

Additional Benefits to WSIP Assessments

Condo boards are under pressure to cut costs while maintaining the value of the property. Although ROI is the driving force behind assessments of water irrigation systems in condos, your condo board will also find other benefits beyond the average savings of 57% including:

  • Added curb appeal with a well-maintained landscape and gardens
  • A greener property to attract tenants and increase resale values
  • Improved corporate and social responsibility by avoiding watering in the rain, a sore spot for environmentalists
  • Industry leadership for property managers
  • Reduced risk for leaks that can lead to water damage
  • Sustainable water use

Your board, corporation, and residents can support their commitment to protecting the environment with an improved irrigation system. Speaking with a WSIP professional is the first step to finding a water-efficient irrigation strategy.

At CPO Management Inc, a Toronto property management company specializing in condo management services, we can help manage your irrigation system and find cost savings through efficiency. For more information about how we can assist with your property management, or for any other questions reach out to us today.

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