How to Create an Awesome Condo Welcome Package

condo welcome package

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To help new residents settle into a new condo community, the board of directors can do something to help the residents. This will ensure they adjust smoother, get to know the rules and bylaws, and not to mention feel at home a lot quicker. A condo welcome package is the easiest way to help owners get familiar with their new home.

Here’s how you can create an awesome condo welcome package for your community.

What is a Condo Welcome Package?

A welcome package acquaints residents with their community. By providing everything they need up front, you can avoid misunderstandings down the road. Equally, a good package answers common condo resident questions. As well, it makes rules and bylaws crystal clear.

Your Welcome Message

Start your package by explaining how you maintain a safe and pleasant environment in their condo. This will help set the owners’ minds at ease. Additionally, offer general contact information, so that the owners know who to speak to for things like:

  • General inquiries
  • Complaints
  • Insurance claims
  • Renovation requests
  • Parking requests
  • Events

As a result, this makes their early days easier.

Relevant Governing Documents

A condo welcome package should introduce your condo board and property management team. Not only give a brief explanation about what the team and each member does, but also provide all condo governing documents with an easy content list including:

A review of this information is provided at the time the unit is purchased. However, each owner should have a copy in their welcome package because it makes it easily accessible and refer to when questioning specific rules or bylaws.

Standard Forms in the Welcome Package

For a comprehensive condo welcome package, include forms to be completed with instructions on when and where to deliver them. Moreover, explain why you need this information. Also, tell them where to submit updates should their information change.

Maintenance Fee Overview

New owners have a right to know where their common expense fees go. Including a breakdown of fee allotment inside the condo welcome package ensures complete transparency. Reiterate the fees, due dates, and acceptable payment methods to ensure proper payment.

Leasing of Units in the Condo Welcome Package

Provide instructions on what you need from owners wishing to rent their units. This includes bylaws about short term rentals. Forms must be submitted to condo management at least 30 days before a lease signing.

Highlight Important Sections

Include a condo welcome package summary highlighting helpful sections or FAQs. Common highlights might include:

  • Visitor parking
  • Amenity hours/use
  • Quiet enjoyment rules
  • Garbage rules, such as sorting recycling, use of building dump bins,
  • incinerator use, etc.
  • Exterior unit appearance., such as consistent window treatments, etc.
  • Fire safety
  • Intercom set up and security information

Because every condo community is different, your welcome package will be unique to your property. Therefore, include anything specific to your condo. A good example might be vacation best practice tips, like canceling newspapers, turning off taps, etc.

The right condo welcome package sets a pleasant tone, while equally being informative. New residents will appreciate the gesture. By the same token, your condo board and property management team’s job will be easier.

A property management company can put together an exceptional welcome package that hits all the right notes. At CPO Management Inc., a property management company in Toronto and the GTA, our comprehensive suite of services can include the development of effective, thorough, and informative condo welcome packages customized for your condo corporation’s needs. Contact us today.

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