The Most Common Condo Board HR Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Costly HR mistakes condo boards make

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HR mistakes can contribute to staff turnover and disrupt day to day property operations. Here we look at the most disruptive HR mistakes condo boards make and how you can avoid them by hiring a property management company.

Too Many Directions lead to HR Mistakes

When more than one board member gets involved with staff direction, it leads to mass confusion. Frustration in the workplace causes high turnover increasing recruitment costs. However, organized offices empower staff to perform their duties with clear direction. Although you can assign a single board member to take on the task as manager, this often fails when they aren’t available during regular office hours. When a property management company oversees day to day operations that includes management of staff. You avoid confusion and have a direct line of communication to keep staff happy.

Poor Board Responsiveness and Disorganization

When team members constantly put their work on hold waiting for answers, it interferes with their ability to perform well. People want to feel valued in their jobs. Delays in their work due to a lack of management sends a negative message about their importance. Combine this with disorganization in the way you approve, assign, and manage work processes, and staff turnover increases. A property management company answers questions promptly to keep things moving forward. However, they also address important staff communication such as sick calls, vacation requests, labour law concerns, etc. As a result, employees feel appreciated while also performing their duties more efficiently.

Ineffective Hiring Process

Board members often look for the wrong qualities in candidates during the hiring process. A lack of property management experience increases risk for hiring someone not suited to the position. Another risk is favouritism in the hiring process. As a result you have a weak team unable to conduct the tasks required to keep things operating smoothly. Property management companies introduce a hiring process suitable for condo corporations. As a result each team member contributes complementary skill sets to meet the needs of your condo corporation.

No Formal Training/Onboarding Process

Having no formal training and onboarding process in place causes inconsistencies in performance which leads to HR mistakes. It also fails to teach new team members your values and beliefs. Property management companies formalize the hiring and onboarding process introducing a consistent procedure for everyone.

Payroll Errors

Nothing sends a more negative message to your team than failing to pay them on time in the agreed-upon amount. If your team consists of full-time, part-time, on-site and remote workers payroll becomes an even more complicated process. Payroll requires attention to detail for accurate time tracking, proper deductions, and ensuring you have funds to cover monthly payroll needs. You also have to understand employee standards for overtime. Property management companies adhere to employee standards for payroll. They also oversee financials to develop healthy cash flow, avoiding payroll delays.

Lack of Familiarity with Labour Laws Result in HR mistakes

Many board members lack management experience. Others might have been retired for years so aren’t up to date on acceptable behavior and management styles. As a result, poor management can lead to employee churn. In fact, inappropriate management styles can also lead to labour disputes and complaints based on current employee standards in Ontario. Property management companies ensure you remain compliant, creating an inclusive, respectful work environment.

If you need assistance with your HR needs to avoid costly HR mistakes, the experts at CPO Management Inc. can help. As a Toronto property management company specializing in condo management services, we can recruit, hire and manage a team of experienced property management experts. For more information about how we can assist with your property management, or for any other questions reach out to us today.

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