Top Condo Board Tips to Fairly and Effectively Manage Maintenance Requests and Repairs

condo unit requests

Your condo board is constantly receiving maintenance and repair requests from condo owners. If you need help prioritizing requests, use our pro property management tips to help ensure you are fair, cost-effective, and responsive. Prioritize Amongst Unit Requests A common mistake condo boards make is not prioritizing work based on urgency. Prioritization always puts safety…

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4 Frequently Overlooked Details When Managing Shared Amenities In Condos

condo amenity management

Effective management of shared amenities can often focus too much on cleaning and maintenance. Here we look at four frequently overlooked details when managing shared condo amenities. 1.Visitor Parking Visitor parking is often difficult to monitor due to the location. However, a comprehensive management plan helps ensure use aligns with your condo parking bylaws. Visitor…

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The Importance of Insurance for Condominium Corporations

insurance for condominium corporations

According to the Ontario Condo Act, condo corporations “shall cover the replacement cost of the property damaged by the perils to which the insurance applies. 1998, c. 19, s. 99 (7).” Here we look at condo corporation insurance, its’ importance, and how to keep your coverage up to par. Protect Your Condo Corporation’s Assets Condo…

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Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Condo Owners

As a condo board member, you are responsible for ensuring all owners are treated equally and fairly while adhering to your condo bylaws and the Condo Act. However, owners aren’t always easy to get along with, which means you could encounter unpleasant interactions. Here we share practical strategies for dealing with difficult condo owners. Improve…

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Understanding Your 4 Most Important Condo Corporation Financial Statements

condo corporation finances

When your condo board receives your corporation’s financial statements, it helps to understand what reports provide the best insights into your financial health. Here are tips to understand the four most important condo corporation financial statements to help you manage assets, gain financial control, and become a more effective planner. 1.Aged Delinquency Report Keeping on…

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How Your Board Can Ace Project Management with These Condo Renovation Strategies

condo project management

Condo renovations can become nightmares when condo boards fail to manage the project effectively. However, your board can ace project management with these condo renovation strategies. Plan Out the Critical Steps Building restoration and renovations follow several steps, each with an approximate timeline: Assessment to determine what the project involves (Up to a month) Initial…

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How Well Does Your Condo Board Understand the New TSSA Elevator Oversight Protocols?


The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) of Ontario’s new oversight regime shortens the repair time to fix high-risk elevator deficiencies. Use this helpful overview to ensure your condo board understands the new TSSA oversight protocols now under enforcement. Risk Standards The new “outcome-based” regulations are designed to reduce public safety threats posed by deficient…

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