Status certificate red flags and how to avoid them

status certificate

Your condo status certificate is reviewed by the lawyers of potential buyers. A healthy certificate encourages people to sign on the dotted line. Therefore your condo board should know how to avoid the following status certificate red flags. High or Rising Common Expenses High or rising common expenses can discourage buyers on tight budgets. While…

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Elevate Your Condo Concierge Service & Improve Resident Relations

condo concierge

A condo concierge service provider has a difficult job. While most serve as a monitor for the comings and goings of the building, the lines of their role are easily blurred. As a result, some concierges see themselves as authority figures, yet others feel more like receptionists. This can put a strain on concierge and…

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Top Five Condo Lawsuits and How to Avoid Them

Top 5 condo lawsuits

Condo owner disputes happen. And it can happen in any condo. Though when not properly handled, they can lead to costly, time-consuming condo lawsuits. However, if you are familiar with the top five lawsuits condo boards and Toronto and the GTA property management companies face, you can take steps to avoid them. 1. Failure to…

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What Condo Boards Should Know About New Short-Term Rental Laws

New short-term rental laws

Most condo boards followed the ongoing struggle between “ghost hotels” operating through services such as Airbnb and housing advocates dead set against them. Following a battle that began in 2016, the advocates finally won out. On September 3, 2020, new laws cracking down on Toronto short-term rentals came into effect. New regulations now restrict short-term…

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