Most Common Condo Board Mistakes to Avoid

Common condo board mistakes to avoid

As a condo board member, your job is tough. You need to represent your community while not letting your own needs or beliefs fog your judgement. As well, every penny you spend ultimately must improve the value of the condo. All this while you selflessly volunteer your time. With so much riding on your actions,…

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How to Ace Condo Communication with Social Media

condo communication

When condo boards strike the right notes in their communication it can really help build a happier, more engaged community. While many condo boards stick to traditional newsletters as a means of condo communication with residents and unit owners, others are adding social media with mixed results. Social media is an excellent tool to keep…

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How to Cope with Mental Health in Condos


One in five Canadians over the age of 18 will face mental health issues or mental illness in their lives. These numbers include 2.5 million Canadians who will experience a depressive disorder. With numbers so high, property management companies in Toronto and condo boards should be prepared to cope with mental health disorders within their…

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