How to Overcome Language Barriers in Condos

Language barriers in condos

Communication is key when living in a condo community. Board members and residents must use effective communication. However, when communities are diverse, language barriers are a common occurrence. Language barriers include more than a person’s language of origin. Barriers span from unfamiliar and complex terminology to linguistics and physical barriers to state of mind. To…

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How to Cultivate an Inclusive and Cooperative Environment

diverse and inclusive community

Today community diversity is more relevant than ever. Organizations that encourage employee contribution create a cooperative and inclusive environment. By celebrating the varied backgrounds of your team, everyone feels valued. They want to contribute more. With diversity your board members flourish sharing their skills and ideas. As a result, your community reaps the benefits. You…

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What Condo Boards Should Know About Special Assessments

special assessments

Special assessments are a condo owner’s worst nightmare. The assessment presents an extra charge on top of monthly maintenance fees. Owners do not have approval over a special assessment. From an owner’s standpoint, an assessment is never a good thing. Most owners trust their monthly fees include a reserve fund to pay for unexpected projects…

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