How Building Envelope Inspections Can Save Your Condo Board Money

Building inspection

Assessments play an essential role in preventive maintenance plans. You can take your assessments to the next level by including building envelope inspections to identify high-cost deficiencies. Here’s how building envelope inspections can save your condo board money. What Do Condo Building Envelope Inspections Involve? Building envelope inspections help find issues in your building envelope…

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The Reserve Fund Planning Challenges All High-Rise Condo Boards Need to Know About

reserve fund planning

With more and more Toronto condo towers reaching over 40 storeys, condo boards need to understand the challenges high-rises present for reserve fund planning. The taller the building, the more challenging upkeep becomes, especially when considering exterior renovations. Here we look at the reserve fund planning challenges for high-rises and the costs of “working at…

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Debunking Common Exterior Building Restoration Myths for New Condo Board Members

building restoration myths for condo boards

Congratulations on your new position as a condo board member! While you might be excited about your new role, it comes with a lot of responsibility, including assisting with condo renovation responsibilities like exterior building restoration projects. Here we help debunk common exterior building restoration myths to help you ace your first capital expense project…

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Why Your Condo Board Should Consult with a Building Envelope Expert Before Exterior Renos

building envelope

Your condo’s building envelope includes the exterior walls, foundations, roof, windows, and doors. The envelope protects your interiors from the elements and is the main building component contributing to energy efficiency. Before you embark on exterior deep retrofits or upgrades, it makes sense to consult with a building envelope expert. Here’s why. Building Envelope Expertise…

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4 Business Innovations for Condos

innovations for condos

Every year technology introduces new ways to improve business operations. These improvements don’t always have to be industry specific to be effective. Here we look at four innovations used in other industries that offer potential benefits for your condo board. Check out these innovations for condos worth exploring. 1. Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Imaging…

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5 Simple Condo Management Cost-Saving Opportunities Sure To Future-Proof Your Condo Finances

cost-savings for condos

Condo management calls for smart budgeting to maintain strong financial health. Here we look at five condo management cost-saving opportunities to future-proof your finances. 1. Adopt a Predictive Maintenance Plan Effective condo management begins with predictive maintenance planning. You can see substantial savings when you protect your assets instead of relying on reactive maintenance. In…

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The Most Important Facts About Sexual Harassment in Condos

sexual harassment in condos

Boards of directors in condo corporations face two potential challenges when it comes to sexual harassment in condos: Sexual harassment of residents Sexual harassment in the workplace In both situations, clearly defined anti-sexual harassment policies help protect vulnerable condo staff and residents from harm. Here we review the most important facts about sexual harassment in…

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