How to Prepare Your Condo Board for Toronto’s 2040 Net Zero Deadline

How to Prepare Your Condo Board for Toronto's 2040 Net Zero Deadline

Toronto’s 2040 Net Zero deadline calls for retrofit strategies that go beyond traditional cost- benefit calculations. Here we look at how to prepare for the deadline by making smarter retrofit choices that help set the groundwork for sustainability. Consider Larger Retrofits Your board needs to focus on larger scale retrofits. Before undertaking any one project,…

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The Top Lessons Condo Boards Learned in 2023

2023 condo roundup

Every year your condo community and its management learn from mistakes and triumphs that help inform your decisions in the new year. Here we look at the top lessons condo boards learned in 2023 to provide valuable insights that make your board wiser and stronger. Forensics Help Avoid Future Mistakes Forensics has become a popular…

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How Condo Board Management of “Nuisance Alarms” Saves Money

Condo Board Management Saves Money

Nuisance alarms are not just inconvenient. They can have long lasting repercussions that can lead not only to lost money, but also lost lives. Here’s how management of nuisance alarms can save money while helping to keep your community safe.  The Impact of Nuisance Alarms False fire alarms or “nuisance alarms” in condominiums impact your…

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Why Your Condo Board Must Include Residents In Fire Safety Plans

Condo fire safety plans

High-rise buildings in Ontario require fire safety plans under section 2.8 of the Ontario Fire Code. As a critical part of building safety, everyone who lives and works in the building must understand how the plan works and their role when a fire alarm goes off. Here we look at why your condo board must…

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How to Keep Your Condo Parking Scalable for Increasing EV Demand – Part 2

EV Condo Parking

In Part 1 of our series, we reviewed the importance of understanding your capacity, establishing an advisory committee, and creating an EV policy. Here we look at government funding, responsibility for initiating the installation, and details related to charges and charging station ownership.  Investigate ZEVIP  Look into the possibility of covering costs through the Zero…

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Spotlight On Condo Window Replacement With Useful Tips For Success

Condo Window Replacement

The windows of your condo property impact the building’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and water/air tightness. When your condo board embarks on a window replacement project, addressing these factors is critical. Here, we spotlight condo window replacements with tips for success.  Timing for Condo Window Replacement A general rule of thumb is that windows require replacement…

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Every Condo Board’s Guide to Ontario’s Complicated Building Permit Process

Condo Building Permit

Your condo board has a tough enough learning curve without trying to understand the complicated building permit process. To help make things easier, we’ve broken down the most critical building restoration administrative steps so you can cruise through the process from application to approval.  Identify Your Zoning Your condo’s building zoning is crucial as it…

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