Condo Boards Burnout: Strategies to Avoid It

condo boards burnout

Condo boards are often the unsung heroes of the condo community. They step up to bat to help ensure the needs of the community are met. However, they sacrifice their own time in the process. While the early days of condo boards participation can be quite exciting, as time goes on the demands can wear…

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How to Create an Awesome Condo Welcome Package

condo welcome package

To help new residents settle into a new condo community, the board of directors can do something to help the residents. This will ensure they adjust smoother, get to know the rules and bylaws, and not to mention feel at home a lot quicker. A condo welcome package is the easiest way to help owners…

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How Condo Committees Increase Your Board’s Productivity

preventative maintenance

When condo boards become overtaxed, it makes it difficult to remain productive. As a result, many important tasks can fall by the wayside. Budget management, social planning, and fee collection are areas where boards can fall behind. Luckily, condo boards have an excellent resource available in their fellow residents. Creating condo committees to assist with…

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How to Encourage More Volunteers to Assist Condo Boards

volunteering for condo boards

Volunteering as a condo board member can be exhausting. The amount of work required tends to be more than condo board members can imagine. As a result, board members and directors are at risk of burnout. For condo boards to become more cohesive it takes continuity. However, when board members burn out, you face endless…

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