Debunking Common Exterior Building Restoration Myths for New Condo Board Members

building restoration myths for condo boards

Congratulations on your new position as a condo board member! While you might be excited about your new role, it comes with a lot of responsibility, including assisting with condo renovation responsibilities like exterior building restoration projects. Here we help debunk common exterior building restoration myths to help you ace your first capital expense project…

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How to overcome common condo balcony issues

condo balcony

While condo balconies provide additional space to residents, they can also pose additional headaches for condo boards. Because each resident might have their own idea of how to use their balcony, boards should be prepared to handle resident complaints. Here is how your board can take a proactive approach to overcome common condo balcony issues.…

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The Most Common Condo Board HR Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Costly HR mistakes condo boards make

HR mistakes can contribute to staff turnover and disrupt day to day property operations. Here we look at the most disruptive HR mistakes condo boards make and how you can avoid them by hiring a property management company. Too Many Directions lead to HR Mistakes When more than one board member gets involved with staff…

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Most Common Condo Board Mistakes to Avoid

Common condo board mistakes to avoid

As a condo board member, your job is tough. You need to represent your community while not letting your own needs or beliefs fog your judgement. As well, every penny you spend ultimately must improve the value of the condo. All this while you selflessly volunteer your time. With so much riding on your actions,…

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Every Condo Board’s Guide to the Cost Proportions for their Corporation

cost proportions for condo corporations

Let’s talk cost proportions for your condo corporation’s expenses. The monthly common element fees (CEF) your condo board collects come with an obligation to your unit owners. Your job is to ensure you allot those funds properly to cover expenses and manage your reserve fund effectively. Here we offer a comprehensive guide to help you…

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What are the Core Responsibilities Involved in Managing A Condo Corporation vs. Administration?

Condo Management

The title “Condo Manager” can be misleading. While one condo corporation might hire a Condo Manager to oversee administrative duties, another might hire them to carry out duties that require a license. The Condominium Management Services Act defines the core responsibilities of a licensed Condo Manager. Here we compare the core responsibilities of a licensed…

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Condo Life Stages: What Makes Buildings Vulnerable at Each Life Stage

condo life stages

Condo buildings go through five life stages, each with its own vulnerabilities. Here, we look at what makes condo buildings vulnerable at each stage of the aging process to help you create a more predictive maintenance plan.  Under a Year: The Pre-Natal Life Stage  Feeling confident your reserve fund won’t be needed during the pre-natal…

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What’s a Healthy Reserve Fund?

condo reserve funds

Your condo reserve fund sets aside money for non-routine repairs and replacements. However, if your board isn’t careful, you can make critical errors that make it impossible to cover these necessary capital expenditures. As a result, your residents face the risk of special assessments.  Here we look at what is considered a healthy reserve fund…

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3 Hidden Condo Damages Every Board Should Know About

hidden damage to condos

Your building envelope is susceptible to direct and indirect damage. Direct damage is obvious and occurs to the building envelope itself. Indirect damage is hidden and results when direct damage is not addressed. As a result, indirect damage ends up costing your condo money as it is slow and progressive. Here, we look at three…

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