Self-managed condos vs. hiring property management

Should you hire a property management company or can you manage your condo as a corporation? Looking for ways to cut corners in condo management can help your condo corporation remain ahead of the game financially. However, being wise in where you choose to slash costs is very important if you don’t want to increase…

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How to pick a property management company for your condo

how to pick a property management company

Choosing the right property management company for your condo is one of the key decisions a condo board will ever make. Here is a proven strategy for selecting the best company to work with on managing your condo corporation. Condo board responsibilities First, let’s establish what condo corporations are responsible for. In Ontario, condos must…

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What does Board of Directors in a condo do?

The role and responsibilities of the Board in a condo corporation in the GTA  If you are considering joining a Board of Directors for a condo corporation in Toronto, there are many nuances to consider before making a commitment. First, understand the role of the board, what its’ members typically do, and their obligations.All condos…

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